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Questions I ask - -

Questions I ask - -

I asked questions while talking on the telephone. I ask as many questions as I can. In this way I know what tools, equipment, and cleaning solutions I will need for the biohazard cleanup task.

  • Can you tell me how you will pay and when?
  • Can you tell me if there's parking nearby?
  • Can you tell me if the biohazard scene exists in a house, apartment, condominium, townhouse, recreational vehicle, or elsewhere?
  • Can you tell me on what floor I will find the biohazard scene?
  • Can you tell me how long the victim was down before removal?
  • Can you tell me which rooms or rooms I will find biohazard's material?
  • Can you tell me if air-conditioning was on?
  • Can you tell me if the heat was on?
  • Can you tell me if there is running water or electricity?
  • Can you tell me if others will be in the dwelling or building during the biohazard cleaning?
  • Can you tell me if insects were present following the incident?


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Answering some, or all of my questions while on the telephone will help me decide my price ranges for low and high cleaning fees. I call these fees "not to exceed prices" because I try not to charge more than these prizes. Rest assured, once I set a high price upon arrival at the biohazard cleanups and, that is the high price. It does not mean that I would charge less; it means that I will not cost more. Even if you use homeowners' insurance, the high price is a high price.

If you and I decide that a flat cleaning price will best suit your needs, and we will set a flat fee. Still, we will need to consider whether or not bags or barrels of infectious waste, biohazardous waste, will influence the price of the biohazard cleanup.

Finally, when I set a price while on the telephone, I ask for an email with needed information. If I offer a "not to exceed price" while on the telephone, you will write it on your email to me. I then return this email with my acceptance. We then have a legal contract in any Delaware small claims court. You will also have my biohazard cleanup guarantee in writing, besides the price.

Delaware Biohazard Cleanup Guarantee


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