Sussex County Biohazard Cleanup Narrative

If you find a less expensive Sussex County biohazard cleanup company that guarantees its work at a lower price than my biohazard cleanup price, I recommend that you use their services. I do the same for a set fee or a not to exceed price. I guarantee my biohazard cleanup work because biohazard cleanup often involves a death cleanup, and there's no ethical way to do death cleanup without offering a cleaning guarantee.

Biohazard cleanup involves the removal of human blood and other potentially infectious materials (OPIM). These materials relate to contamination by human blood, whenever cleanup human blood in the United States, we now have what we call "blood-borne pathogens protocols," and this means that we have rules for cleaning up human blood before work begins. This means that the smallest blood cleanup task is considered biohazardous, if the blood comes from anyone other than the person doing the cleaning.

Naturally, we believe the human immunodeficiency syndrome (HIV), and hepatitis C fit the definition of a blood-borne pathogen. The word pathogen, by the way, means to suffer. So something that carries blood receives the title as a "blood-borne" carrier of suffering, which includes anything from sexually transmitted diseases to Ebola.

Most Sussex County biohazard cleanup companies charge thousands of dollars for board following a homicide, suicide, or unattended death.

My biohazard cleanup fees for these types of cleaning tasks often commit to less than $1000. Blood cleanup in any area within 25 miles from my office received a price quote of $450 and up. I say "$450 and up," because many blood cleanup tasks take less than two hours of not less than one hour. So a low price of $450 seems reasonable enough. For biohazard cleanup involving human blood from homicides, suicides, and unattended deaths anywhere in Sussex County, I may need to charge more than $1000. Often these fees range from about $1200-$1500. A double suicide can charge as much $1500, for example.

A shotgun suicide can cost as much as $1800, depending on circumstances that I cannot fully explain here.


Biohazard cleanup prices

Questions I ask - -

Questions I ask - -

I asked questions while talking on the telephone. I ask as many questions as I can. In this way I know what tools, equipment, and cleaning solutions I will need for the biohazard cleanup task.


Answering some, or all of my questions while on the telephone will help me decide my price ranges for low and high cleaning fees. I call these fees "not to exceed prices" because I try not to charge more than these prizes. Rest assured, once I set a high price upon arrival at the biohazard cleanups and, that is the high price. It does not mean that I would charge less; it means that I will not cost more. Even if you use homeowners' insurance, the high price is a high price.

If you and I decide that a flat cleaning price will best suit your needs, and we will set a flat fee. Still, we will need to consider whether or not bags or barrels of infectious waste, biohazardous waste, will influence the price of the biohazard cleanup.

Finally, when I set a price while on the telephone, I ask for an email with needed information. If I offer a "not to exceed price" while on the telephone, you will write it on your email to me. I then return this email with my acceptance. We then have a legal contract in any Sussex County small claims court. You will also have my biohazard cleanup guarantee in writing, besides the price.

Sussex County Biohazard Cleanup Guarantee


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