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Sussex County biohazard cleanup service information found here offers reasonable prices for blood cleanup. Homicides, suicides, unattended death cleanup need not cost thousands of dollars; I offer fair prices — Blood cleanup from an experienced biohazard cleanup practitioner, like this writer, costs less. Biohazards consist of human blood and other potentially infectious materials (OPIM) from the human body. Biohazards may exist in wild nature, but they do not concern us in human blood cleanup tasks.

Typically, matter from traumatic blood loss will consist of OPIM, other infectious materials besides blood. Human feces not containing blood or OPIM does not constitute a biohazard, by the way; if it were, then anyone changing baby diapers would be doing biohazard cleanup work, not to mention health care residency workers. However, human feces in the open becomes "infectious" when resulting from illnesses or conditions resulting in diarrhea. Diarrhea cleanup should follow specific cleaning steps for safety.

So why the hair-splitting with this term, biohazard anyway? It's about biohazard cleanup prices.


Biohazard cleanup prices

My biohazard cleanup prices reflect either an hourly rate for cleaning, or a flat rate for an entire biohazard cleanup situation. At times I give my prospective customers a choice, which do they prefer? If they choose the hourly rate, I might charge anywhere from $100 per hour to $250 per hour, and not for exceptionally large biohazard cleanup tasks; I may need to charge a fee for the contents of biohazard bags and biohazard barrels, also. For flat-rate biohazard cleanup, I will charge something like the following:

I give an estimated "low cleaning fee" and a likely "high cleaning fee." The high fee becomes a "not-to-exceed biohazard cleanup fee. If I offered to do a biohazard cleanup for $600 as my low fee, I might provide a high biohazard cleanup fee for $1200, for example. In this way, my biohazard cleanup customers know that they will pay somewhere between $600-$1200. At times, I will not see the cost until I have completed my biohazard cleanup task, or I have entirely completed the job.


How can I say that I quote a "flat fee biohazard cleanup" when I have a low and high price range? The flat fee is somewhere between the low and the high costs. That's the best that I can do. It happens that when most people see a biohazard scene for the first time, they do not know what to expect. They do not know what to say when reporting their observations. They may see a bloodied mattress, and simply assuming that "it's on the mattress." Usually, the facts following a homicide, suicide, unattended death cleanup involving a bed, for example, include much more than the mattress. Box springs below the mattress may need special treatment. What about a carpet below the box springs? Sometimes a wood floor involved. How saturated a surface becomes from migrating fluids from the victim?

Sometimes there's debris on walls and ceiling areas. Sometimes a piece of the wall needs cutting out, or a part of the floor will need cutting out. So to the inexperienced viewer of a biohazard cleanup scene, there's more going on than they recognize.

Here's another example, blood will sometimes seep to a wall, and then find its way between layers of linoleum. Sometimes drywall becomes saturated with blood and OPIM, and two-by-fours behind the wall become soiled by blood and OPIM. These are the types of consequences following homicides, suicides, and attendant deaths. Even more, blood may drip from one floor to a ceiling below, and at times contaminate wires. Then there's the ducking from heating and air conditioning material. (These for blood migration are rare, but they do occur.)

Then again, sometimes a death scene may involve a mattress and nothing more. So with my biohazard cleanup experience, the likelihood of charging the low biohazard cleanup fee, or a price below a high biohazard cleanup fee, becomes more likely.

Questions I ask - -

Questions I ask - -

I asked questions while talking on the telephone. I ask as many questions as I can. In this way I know what tools, equipment, and cleaning solutions I will need for the biohazard cleanup task.

  • Can you tell me how you will pay and when?
  • Can you tell me if there's parking nearby?
  • Can you tell me if the biohazard scene exists in a house, apartment, condominium, townhouse, recreational vehicle, or elsewhere?
  • Can you tell me on what floor I will find the biohazard scene?
  • Can you tell me how long the victim was down before removal?
  • Can you tell me which rooms or rooms I will find biohazard's material?
  • Can you tell me if air-conditioning was on?
  • Can you tell me if the heat was on?
  • Can you tell me if there is running water or electricity?
  • Can you tell me if others will be in the dwelling or building during the biohazard cleaning?
  • Can you tell me if insects were present following the incident?


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Answering some, or all of my questions while on the telephone will help me decide my price ranges for low and high cleaning fees. I call these fees "not to exceed prices" because I try not to charge more than these prizes. Rest assured, once I set a high price upon arrival at the biohazard cleanups and, that is the high price. It does not mean that I would charge less; it means that I will not cost more. Even if you use homeowners' insurance, the high price is a high price.

If you and I decide that a flat cleaning price will best suit your needs, and we will set a flat fee. Still, we will need to consider whether or not bags or barrels of infectious waste, biohazardous waste, will influence the price of the biohazard cleanup.

Finally, when I set a price while on the telephone, I ask for an email with needed information. If I offer a "not to exceed price" while on the telephone, you will write it on your email to me. I then return this email with my acceptance. We then have a legal contract in any Sussex County small claims court. You will also have my biohazard cleanup guarantee in writing, besides the price.

Sussex County Biohazard Cleanup Guarantee


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